The team at Pacific Gauge markets products to last in the domestic, rural, and industrial applications for our distributors across Australia, New Zealand, Pacific region.

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Pacific Gauge

Company overview

Pacific Gauge provides field technologies for Fuel Tank Dryers to remove Moisture from Petrol and Diesel 24/7 Operational fuel restoration.

Our system reduces the environmental risk of Reed Vapour over pressure from underground fuel tanks & minimise fuel losses, enhance fuel quality, optimise maintenance outcomes and increase profit margins.

We also supply Husky fuel Nozzles and Swivels/S-T-B’s for Elaflex ZVA Nozzles and OPW/Husky Nozzles for the global oil industry.

We specialise in Aviation Nozzles and large Flow Rate 1-¼’in right angle Nozzles, Our technologies also include Military Nozzles for Aviation or Diesel.

Customers benefit from optimal precise Over Fill Alarms in Audible and Visual.

Pacific Gauge Customers that trust us include global industry leaders such as Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, 7-Eleven.