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Fuel Nozzles NMI, ATEX & UL:


-  Pump Hoses Forecourt.

Fuel Hoses with UL:


Level Gauges :

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Worlds No.1 Vapour Recovery PV Vent

* Husky Carb Cert & Tested will not jam the Vent Stack or leak when the wind blows &

proven to last with 18 months of the worlds hardest Carb Cert Test

* Husky for Safety -Vacuum & Stable flow rates on VR1, with 40 years on Vapour sites around the World including Europe,

Only the UK & Germany use 10mm relocation Venting Hydrocarbons Fuel loss Orifice!

* Full 18 months Warranty on all materials 100% from Husky USA

If you could last as long - you’d back it up!

First - Only Company with 18 months Warranty - If you could last as long - you’d back it up!

Are Tested over 18 months for mechanical failure, CARB “EPA” Known to last 5 years

4 Valves are better than one!

1.      One Valve 1.5 KPa Pressure/ UST & AST have a working pressure of 7KPa

2.      One Valve 1.5 – 2.5 KPa Vacuum/ UST & AST have a working Vacuum of 7 KPa

3.      & Two back up Safety Valves at 13.79 KPa Emergency Dual Pressure Relief Valves/ UST & AST are tested to 35 Kpa

UST Tanks

Category 4 UST's in Australia are designed atmospheric tanks, tested to 35Kpa with an allowable

Worlds safe/-globally accepted standard operation pressure\vacuum of 7Kpa.


“New “ Vapour Recovery Safety Break

Husky Safe-T-Break Vapour Recovery at Nozzle® stops the fuel on both sides of the separation and have passed the demanding UL & ATEX testing requirements on separations without leaking or failing.

Re-Connectable Safe-T-break Swivel Combo for Vapour Recover at the Nozzle®

Unique in-line latching mechanism requires less force to reconnect Safe-T-break®  after a separation.!  Built-in vapour valve stops vapours from escaping after separation.!  

-  Filters at the back of Nozzle, 1 A type.

-  Softer more Gentle Pull Levers for ladies.

-  Truck Fuel Drop “CODE” Hoses .

-  Aviation Hoses up to 6”in.

-  Overfill Alarms.

-  Control Shut Off Valves.

The Husky working pressure UL listed nozzles is 50 psi.

However all nozzles must withstand a hydrostatic strength test of 250 psi to be listed for UL standard 2586.

The hydrostatic strength test data will not be available on any sales literature.

-  Level Gauges.


/ Husky Pressure Vacuum Vents 4 Valve Safety:

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