Pacific Gauge

Company overview

Pacific Gauge provides field technologies for Fuel Tank Dryers to remove Moisture from Petrol and Diesel 24/7 Operational fuel restoration.

Our system reduces the environmental risk of Reed Vapour over pressure from underground fuel tanks & minimise fuel losses, enhance fuel quality, optimise maintenance outcomes and increase profit margins.

We also supply Husky fuel Nozzles and Swivels/S-T-B’s for Elaflex ZVA Nozzles and OPW/Husky Nozzles for the global oil industry.

We specialise in Aviation Nozzles and large Flow Rate 1-¼’in right angle Nozzles, Our technologies also include Military Nozzles for Aviation or Diesel.

  •    Fuel Nozzles

  •    Swivvels

  •    Pressure Vacuum Vents

  •    Fuel Dryers

  •    Safety Breaks

  •   Militery Availtion and Diesel Nozzles

  •   Adblue

  •   Over Fill Alarms and Mains or Battries A/V

  •   Whisky Barrel filling Nozzles

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